Professional Residential Pressure Washing Port Saint Lucie


When we pressure wash your home we use water with pressures exceeding four thousand pounds of force per square inch, it all depends on the surface being cleaned. At Treasure Coast Pressure Wash we do it right! Regardless of the type of exterior requirement, we are experienced and get the job done with maximum effectiveness. We specialize in all facets of pressure washing, and we can clean and restore all types of surfaces and substrates. See the list below for some of the common surfaces we clean in a typical Port Saint Lucie home.

Tile pressure washing on the roof or the ground.

Cement pressure washing will get that pool deck looking new again.

Driveway and walkway pressure washing to make the best first impression, especially when selling a home.

Brick pressure washing brings back the beauty of the natural tones of the brick.

Cedar shake roof pressure washing you can make your wood roof look fresh like it was just cut.

Wood deck pressure washing so you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without being grossed out by the dirty deck, it’s nice to touch your railing and not have to wash your hands right after.

Composite decking pressure washing will restore the color and cleanliness of your composite surface so that it will look great again.

Aluminum pressure washing can make your sidings or your air-stream gleam if your are so inclined.

Stucco pressure washing gets the deep down dirt that a brush has no chance at removing without caustic chemicals.

Wood pressure washing with restore the natural beauty of the wood by turning back the clock of cleanliness so that your wood will be the right shade of brown instead of dirt black or something terrible.

Port St. Lucie Pressure washing
You don’t want to forget the outside area where you spend time or would spend time if they were clean again, is your pergola pathetic looking? or is your stone statue sad even though it’s smiling? Your stone planters pop when they are clean, the contrast is dramatic so rather than your nice stonework go UN-noticed, please give us a call.

Pressure Washing Port Saint Lucie

There are many Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing which include health, beauty and property value. It is essential to maintain the exterior of your home before it is taken over by the elements, the windows and other surfaces which accumulate scale, weathering, dirt and grime. Environmental pollutants such as soot and other dirt particles carried by the wind, hard water, mold or algae as well as oxidation overtime can make your home outside appear old and dingy. Ongoing neglect eventually leads to irreparable damage to the surfaces.

With regular cleaning by the residential pressure washing experts on your home and other key features of your home such as windows, prevents premature aging and wear which ultimately reducing maintenance or eliminating replacement costs to keep your home beautiful and save you money in the future. When home owners compare the quality of our work and our low price for residential pressure washing to our “competition” there is no comparison. You are dealing with the owner of the company, not an employee. We understand that the surfaces are treated carefully and professionally.

Treasure Coast Pressure Wash will bring superior service along with years of experience with the appropriate professional grade equipment to get the job done right. The inexperienced residential pressure washers could damage your property. We ensure quality on every job, always conscious of the safety and beauty of your home. There are long-term savings from residential pressure washing and it leaves your home looking great which is always a good thing whether you are preparing for the holidays or are putting it on the market or just love a clean and bright home all year round.