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Port St Lucie Pressure Washing

We proudly serve and live in Port St. Lucie by Pressure Washing with attention to detail which brings dramatic results for your home.

Crisp cleanliness

When your home in Port St. Lucie is super clean from pressure washing, everyone is happier because it is bright and like new. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Keeping your Port St. Lucie home clean will save you money by saving the surfaces from corrosion and mold. Dirt and grime are a pressure washing away. Call us today and we will happy to help.

Real Estate Value

Improve your curb appeal and get that home sold. Buyers don’t want to purchase a home with dirt and mold. We are told by Realtors that pressure washing has the best Return on Investment in Real Estate.

Port St Lucie is a city that needs pressure washing more than other areas because of the environmental challenges we face in PSL like our proximity to the ocean and the weather. We have seen many dramatic transformations when we are pressure washing, our customers tell us things like “We didn’t know it was that color” etc. We have happily lived in Florida all our lives and have spent over 10 years in PSL. We take pride in doing a great job for you because you are our neighbor and would love to show you how great pressure washing is, I know it sounds silly, but the transformation is like painting your car.

The cost effective “bang for your buck” of our Port St Lucie pressure washing service will certainly bring a smile to your face. Our business mostly comes from word of mouth by happy customers and we appreciate referrals so very much and will not let you or them down. If you are in Port St. Lucie and need pressure washing, then please give us a call and we will be happy to do an amazing job for you.

I contacted Treasure Coast Pressure wash for some much needed pressure washing on a home that I was selling in PSL and that was the difference it took to sell because the next open house, we had 3 offers where we had none before.
John Matthews
Home Owner
I had no idea pressure washing would make my home look like new again. The architectural details look so much better with clean stonework. Everyone I know noticed and was surprised how good it turned out. I have referred them to my family and friends in PSL and they are all very happy with their work.
April Demaris
I have them come twice a year to clean the entire house front, top and back. They transform my home in a day from dingy looking to bright, clean and fresh. Port St. Lucie is even harder on the stonework then in our home up north, if we don't have pressure washing done then our association will say something thankfully because after my neighbor got a notice on their black roof he asked me for a referral and Treasure Coast Pressure Wash knocked this old man's socks off, he was so giddy with the result because his spanish tile roof went from gross to grand looking again, we didn't even know the tiles were multicolored, we assumed they were a dingy dark grey. Thank you again for your excellent service and George said to say thank you for him because he "doesn't internet"
David Hardin
Home Owner